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The celebrity psychic is now personally available in Soho. Call 917-331-6511

About SOHO Psychic

It’s been 30 years that Janet has been impressing people with her vision and knowledge she has worked with some of the most powerful people in the world and now she is ready to help you.

Janet is a born gifted psychic with an Indian background she has a unique ability to look into your past present and future and help you shed light on troubling issues.

For over three decades Janet has served and helped many people through the power of her gift Janet specializes in love and relationships has the ability to see the past to see the present and see the future and also guide people through the most troubling times of their life.

People have been using psychics for centuries as far back as Nostradamus In the modern age a few examples of Notable people Who choose to see psychics just to get a fresh perspective of life are the British royal family the Kennedy family the Kardashian family and mini more.

The psychic of Soho offers a variety of readings


Walk-ins are welcome but it is best to have an appointment to schedule your own personal time